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Developing your OTC business


red otc development creates innovative and highly competitive over-the-counter (OTC) pharmacy products as a partner of the European consumer healthcare industry. We offer these OTC products in a ready-to-market approach, completing all the necessary steps to create new, value-added medicines, medical devices and related products.

We carry out market research, cost-effective technical and regulatory realisation and clinical trials. The resulting attracting OTC products are offered to our international clients in the consumer healthcare industry that bring in their individual strategies and specialist knowledge to launch and successfully market each product.


What red otc development can do for you

We understand the preferences of healthcare consumers perfectly. 
Moreover, we help the OTC industry serve consumers' individual needs. 

It is our business to develop, register and offer competitive and innovative OTC products for the consumer healthcare industry. To achieve optimum results in our development projects, we regularly utilise competent technology and cooperate with competitive manufacturing partners and with research and regulatory partners. Some projects are even developed exclusively in co-operation with marketing/sales partners. The flexibility in co-operation models enables us to offer, in a rather efficient and cost-effective manner, tailor-made solutions for all partners and clients that are looking to gain access to new OTC medicines, medical devices and related products.

Are you a marketing and sales company in the consumer healthcare market that is looking to expand your business with a new OTC product, marketing rights, and/or marketing authorisation?

Products for Licensing

Finished products

We offer a broad line of consumer healthcare products ready for registration and commercial launch in the EU. Currently, these OTC products are available:

EU CTD Dossier available

Cough & Cold


Traditional herbal medicinal product used for the symptomatic treatment of common cold


Finished Product

Future products

We are currently developing new attractive consumer healthcare products targeting the OTC and self-medication market in the following therapeutic areas:

EU CTD Dossier under development

Cough & Cold

IbuSinex Drink

For the symptomatic relief of nasal / sinus congestion with headache, fever and pain associated with the common cold


Future Product
EU CTD-Dossier under development

Cough & Cold

OTC Cough&Cold

Symptomatic treatment of bronchitis and infections of the respiratory tract; adjuvant therapy of chronically infections of the respiratory tract (e.g. Sinusitis)


Future Product



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