PhytoNOTE #3

"Eco-Anxiety"​ boosts botanical medicine and supplements

“Climate-Anxiety” or "#EcoAnxiety" describes the state of chronic or severe anxiety due to climate change, affecting mostly younger people. Caroline Hickman et al. describe the effect in a global survey in The Lancet Planetary Health, 2021: 75% of young people think the future is frightening and 45% say climate concern negatively impacts their daily life.

Eco-anxiety includes low mood, disturbed sleep, panic attacks, and feelings of anger, guilt, helplessness or existential dread.

People feel that it is time for action, they demand holistic solutions and take choices with a positive impact on their food, diet, lifestyle, environment, the planet & the future, their mental health & happiness (The HMT report). 

Due to an increasing interest in food and goods that are good for their health and the health of the planet, the interest in botanical medicine and plant-based supplements, sustainably sourced and produced under controled conditions, is exploding. 

There are plenty of reasons for companies to get behind a more environmentally conscious, more natural approach, as well as align themselves with brands and suppliers that already have.