PhytoNOTE #12

Our brain is flexible, unique and needs nutrition!

Different from what was assumed in the past, the adult brain is constantly changing due to learning, this is what we refer to as neuroplasticity.
#Neuroplasticity and #learning (long term memory) are different between individuals, therefore our brain needs personalized learning,  treatment & nutrition to stay healthy.

The most important driver for neuroplasticity is behaviour: "We are in the drivers seat of our own brain health" says Lara Boyd, neuroscientists at the University of British Columbia.

Good to know! So what can we do for our brain, as responsible and foresighted drivers?

#Exercise and sleep reduce cortisol levels,  increase the ability to think and learn by facilitating transformation from short-term into long-term #memory.

How can we give the brain personalized attention? Through supplementation of our diet with botanicals that have shown to improve long-term potentiation (LTP), the persistent strengthening of synapses widely considered one of the major cellular mechanisms that underlies learning and  memory (Bliss et al. 1993).
#Botanicals with a positive effect on brain activity and memory function are for example Barcopa, Sideritis (better known under the tradename #Concental), red Ginseng and Rhodiola (Dimpfel et al.).

If you want to know more about neuroplasticity watch this: