PhytoNOTE #1

Reboot your mind and get back on track

No doubt, after intense workout, muscle cells need to recover and glycogen replenishment is needed. #Supplements that speed up recovery are part of routine sports nutrition. They help athletes to train faster again and to performe better.

But what about the recovery of the mind after a stressful day, from multitasking of working parents, from studying or a night shift? Just like the muscle, our brain needs energy, and just like the muscle our brain needs to reboot to perform again the next day. 

To feel less overwhelmed, avoid anxiety, burn out and depression, we have to recover from challenging tasks. Corona increased our mental load with new working models, home schooling, the general health threat and economical insecurity. Anxiety and depression went up. People seek for solutions they can integrate into their daily life, not adictive and without side effects when taken over weeks.

This is where we start looking at nature and at traditions, this is when ethnobotany moves into the focus. We are not the first generation living with stress and threats, we can learn from indigenous us of plants how to use botanicals to protect our brain.

For centuries, adaptogens like Rhodiola, red Ginseng or Ganoderma (Reishi) have been used to protect the brain, recover the mind, keep the mental balance, adapt to stress.

Plants like the African Sceletium tortuosum, the Greek mountain tea Sideritis and the Chinese Astragalus have a long history of traditional use and are used today by working moms & astronauts, students & shift workers to protect the brain from neurological degeneration and increase focus and concentration. To manage daily challenges and feel invincible again.